Suffering – Hebrews 5:8

Though He was God’s Son, He learned obedience through what He suffered.

Although it is difficult for me to imagine what obedience Lord Jesus had to learn as He was Perfect Obedience, the message to me is clear: through suffering the follower of Christ learns to obey. Suffering for good serves a purpose in life and that purpose is that we might learn to be obedient slaves of the One who has created us and saved us and who will usher us into the glorious presence of Father God for all eternity. Just as Lord Jesus did, so we also learn obedience through our suffering. There is a purpose in the pain we endure. There is a reason for the trauma we face. Father God knows that obedience to Him and His Word is ultimately what is best for us and ultimately what will save us. We learn obedience so that our lives might truly be saved. Even the darkest moments of suffering have meaning and purpose for the believer. What other faith system can claim and prove such?

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