The Compassion of Christ – Luke 19:41

As He approached and saw the city, He wept over it….

Nothing illustrates the deep compassion of Lord Jesus for His creation better than His tears for those who hated Him and would ultimately murder Him. He weeps for them. He weeps for their hard hearts and their missed opportunity. He is moved to deep sorrow for their self-righteous hearts that will not submit to life saving truth. Ultimately, deep down in the depths of His heart, Jesus loves people so much and is so committed to the will of His Father that compassion moves Him. It moves Him to much more than just tears. It literally moves Him to the cross where He knows His perfect love and God’s perfect justice will meet and provide ultimate fulfillment for all who will submit to Him. He truly seeks the good of others at His own expense.

Lord, move me in this direction. Develop the compassion of Christ in me even for those who are openly rejecting You. Let my heart never grow hard.

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