Word Over Wealth – Psalms 119:36

Turn my heart to Your decrees
and not to material gain.

If only one could focus their entire heart on God’s Word and the ultimate security it brings, the temptation to rely on money and things for security would vanish. There is real, lasting security in the Word of God and only false, temporary security in our wealth. Yet, money never ceases to deceive us when security is involved. Somehow we are always tempted to think that if we just had enough money we would be safe and secure. It is no wonder Lord Jesus proclaimed that a person cannot serve both God and money. Our natural desire is for material gain. Our supernatural desire must prevail. This desire in our heart knows that God’s Word brings eternal benefits all of which overshadow any seeming benefit of material gain.

Our prayer must be for Father God to take our hearts and reorient them toward true truth. He must turn our heart toward His Word and away from stuff. He must be our security. Any effort we apply in this act must be undergirded and motivated by God Himself – His Holy Spirit must lead. Only He has the power to truly reorient us in a lasting way. Our prayer must be the Psalmist’s prayer on a daily basis. “Turn my heart to your Word, Lord.” He is willing and able.

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