God’s Question – Matthew 20:32

And Jesus stopped and called them, and said, “What do you want Me to do for you?”

Do we have the courage to answer such a question from God? The Lord of the Universe looked at this humbled, outcast, handicapped man and asked him what He could do for him. “What do you want child?”

I can only imagine His tone and His gaze. To the lowly and humble, Jesus was approachable and merciful. He knew the blind man’s condition and surely knew what he desired; yet, in His great mercy and love, Jesus looked into the man’s soul and called him to ask. “Tell Me What you want, child. I am able to make it happen. I move mountains with mustard seeds. I bring up fountains from deserts. I bring sound to the deaf. I make dead people alive.”

“What do you want?” Dare we answer? Dare we make ourselves vulnerable at the most intimate level? Have we the courage to accept His answer, His work, His change? It is a risky encounter. He is not a “tame Lion”. His answers knife deep into our souls. His work is transformational and transformations are painful. His Word when spoken can divide even bone from the marrow. Dare we truly tell Him what we want?

“What do you want?”

Lord Jesus, as we can handle it, bear it and live it, we want You. Help our unbelief.

Rpst, 1.21.20

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