God Meant it for Good – Genesis 45:5

Now do not be grieved or angry with yourselves, because you sold me here, for God sent me before you to preserve life.

This is the forgiveness of God. Joseph demonstrates divine forgiveness here. He endured unthinkable things all because of his stupid, selfish, jealous brother. Now he stands in front of them with the authority to have them destroyed and…he forgives them. This is the picture of Father God’s forgiveness. This is our calling also. It is nothing short of amazing. “Yes, you hated me and tried to destroy me so – I forgive you. It’s all behind us now. It served God’s purpose.”

Forgiveness happens when there is intentional sin. Mistakes need no forgiveness. Intentional offenses and abuses do. It is sturdy and strong. It intentionally puts others needs above our own. It is selfless, placing God’s will above our own feelings. It may not feel good but it is good – a goodness that is divine.

We have refused and abused God and still He forgives us. He chooses to. We also have the unique opportunity to forgive others and as we do, we receive forgiveness ourselves. Yet, if we refuse to forgive, Father God refuses to forgive us.

Give us Your heart Father. A heart of grace that chooses to forgive those who have debased us and tried to destroy us. Have mercy on us when we fail. It is hard work Lord Jesus. We must have Your Holy Spirit or we will fail.

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