Run! – 1 Corinthians 6:18

Run from sexual immorality! “Every sin a person can commit is outside the body.” On the contrary, the person who is sexually immoral sins against his own body.

Paul is clearly drawing a distinction between the sin of sexual immorality and every other sin. It would seem logical that he is pointing out that sexual immorality of all varieties is a ‘worse’ sin. In other words, in drawing a distinction, he seems to be saying that since sexual immorality is a sin against one’s very own self, it is a more damaging, invasive sin. Paul also seems to confirm this in Romans 1.

Sin is not flat. There do appear to be some sins that are more damaging and have deeper effects than others. Sexual immorality in all it’s forms appears to be one of those as it violates the very dwelling of the Holy Spirit, His temple, our body. By engaging in sexual immorality, we bring evil itself right into the house of God.

Sadly, the temptation of sexual immorality has not decreased in my life as I have aged. I assumed that it would but it seems to have increased. It is simply part and parcel of this life we live and the flesh we inhabit. Give us strong, fast legs, Lord Jesus! Guard our eyes. Guard our hearts. Guard our affections. We value your temple, our body. We are committed to keeping it pure and holy; yet, we are simply unable to do so without Your strength, Your resolve, Your help. All of our hope is in You. We will run with Godspeed.

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