Integrity Before God – Job 27:5-6

“Far be it from me that I should declare you right;
Till I die I will not put away my integrity from me.
“I hold fast my righteousness and will not let it go.
My heart does not reproach any of my days.”

There is no arrogance whatsoever in what Job is speaking. He knows his own heart. He knows he has pursued God in truth and integrity. He is righteous in that regard and will not submit to the incorrect assessment of his friends. He should not! God Himself made this pronouncement and it is not arrogant to simply state factually what God has declared. The temptation to fall into a mindset of false humility must have been great being surrounded and ‘encouraged’ by such sorry, misinformed friends; however, Job knows his own heart and his own life and his own relationship with Father God much better than any of these three men and he will not submit to their manipulative false theology.

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