Equality – Job 42:15

In all the land no women were found so fair as Job’s daughters; and their father gave them inheritance among their brothers.

In one of the oldest books on the Bible we see God’s servant treating his daughters as equals. This righteous man of God who was blessed in abundance because of his faithfulness includes his daughters in the inheritance something normally provided only for a man’s sons. This is a very insightful fact. From the very beginning God created man and woman equal and expected equal treatment for them. It is man who has messed that up.

We tend to confuse equality with having identical roles. This is not the case in God’s eyes. He made us equal; yet, wonderfully different. Equality does not mean sameness in function. It does, I believe, mean equity in being. Men and women are equal in being; yet, different in purpose. It is not our purpose that defines our value. It is the Creator who does. He values all of His children, woman and man alike, equally. All of us were created in His image and enlivened with His breath. We would be wise to fulfill the purpose for which we were created for the glory of the One who created us.

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