Adulterous Temptation – Proverbs 2:16-19

To deliver you from the strange woman,

From the adulteress who flatters with her words;

That leaves the companion of her youth

And forgets the covenant of her God;

For her house sinks down to death

And her tracks lead to the dead;

None who go to her return again,

Nor do they reach the paths of life.

There is obviously something perversely attractive about the ‘adulterous’ woman to the sinful mind of a man. I know it personally I am sad to confess. Thanks be to God that He has protected me from this temptation. Thanks be to God I have not succumbed to this. The presence of this temptation in my life simply illustrates my point. The Proverb writer refers to this more than once and thus also illustrates the power of this evil temptation in a man’s life. It might seem odd to some but the truth is that it lurks and speaks to the instant gratification of our flesh – the sinful nature. It is truly alluring to the flesh of a man; yet, Father God via the Proverb preacher makes it clear that this path is nothing less than the path to death. This woman is the doorway to death, destruction and the very depths of Hell. The gratification of our sinful nature leads to the ultimate destruction of our soul – the essence of who we are.

Father, please protect me and my sons and brothers from this perverse, evil attraction that surrounds us in our collapsing, Godless culture. Give your Holy Spirit free reign in our lives to deliver us from this and from all temptations of our corrupt flesh. Guard our eyes. Guard our thoughts. Guard our paths. Grant us discernment that we may run from such situations and learn to love women other than our wives only as Lord Jesus Himself loved them.

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