Isolation – Proverbs 18:1

One who isolates himself pursues selfish desires;
he rebels against all sound judgment.

Isolation is a tool of the enemy. It is often the first step toward bad decisions in important relationships. Selfishness thrives in isolation. When it is only me then it is whatever I want with no regard to anyone else. The wisdom of outside input is lost. Eventually, as the verse indicates, other’s input is even rejected, a rebellion, if you will, against sound judgement of any sort. This sort of personal rebellion is never good and when combined with isolation it is deadly. We are left with only our own thoughts and no objective advice. Typically, this decision comes when we are pursuing our own self-serving agenda and want no outside input. It’s a decision of the will. A decision that always injures others.

It is interesting that to get alone with God is a good thing that is encouraged by Scripture. It is the enemy who takes the good ideas of God and distorts them to our destruction.

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