Father God Our Home – Psalms 90:1

Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations.

Home is where we dwell. It’s the place we find peace, acceptance, hope and strength. Ultimately, home is where we find ourselves and according to the Written Word, it is God Himself Who is our home. Only in Him can we truly be found.

He is our dwelling place where we abide in peace and hope. We live in Him finding everything we need to survive there. To miss this fact is to turn our faces from all we have and all we are. He is our provision and our strength. Walking in the deluded pride of ‘self-provision’ is autonomy to the edge of insanity. Our Father truly is our dwelling place and, as much as He is that, we, as collective individuals in His church, are the same for His Holy Spirit. We are His dwelling place for it is within the obedient church and the submissive believer that He chooses to live. His presence is our life.

He is here. He is not silent.

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