Disobedience and Death – Deuteronomy 8:11

“Be careful that you don’t forget the Lord your God by failing to keep His command — the ordinances and statutes — I am giving you today.”

There is a way that leads to death and it is the way of rebellion. Disobedience by its very nature leads to death. It is the fruit of rebellion. It is counter to life. So much for political correctness.

It doesn’t matter how we dress it up or what catchy melody we attach to it. It matters not what we call it or how educated we make it sound. Justifying and making excuses for our disobedience simply hastens our demise. God consistently and clearly shows us the way to life and, conversely, how to end up in death. To obey is to live. Freedom flows out of obedience. To disobey is to die. Because of the state of our existence. Because sin is the default. Because this world is broken.

He disciplines us in our disobedience that we might live. He chastens us in order to change us. It is not a hard concept. We address our children’s disobedience in order to protect them from death. Why would we expect anything less from our Father? Why do we think we are so smart? Who do we think we are? God? Don’t be deceived any longer.

Every day we choose life or death. Every day we choose salvation or destruction. Choose wisely my friend. The days are few. Choose obedience. Choose life. Choose God.

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