Arrogant Hearts – Psalms 101:5

I will destroy anyone
who secretly slanders his neighbor;
I cannot tolerate anyone
with haughty eyes or an arrogant heart.

What a terrifying thought. How many times have I slandered not only my neighbor but even my closest friends and relatives when they were not around? How often have I cast a haughty look of disgust toward the same? Rarely do I seek out the one who has offended me. Often do I seek out someone else’s opinion regarding someone who has offended me and effectively slander the so-called ‘offensive’ one secretly. I hate that this is true about me but it is. Why do I draw comfort or find satisfaction (or whatever excuse I use to justify it) in criticizing one who is not present but may have offended me to those who are unrelated but are present? What value is there in such? None. It is worse than worthless.

Forgive me Lord. After all of these years of walking with You why do I still fail so regularly in the most fundamental areas of obedience? Your grace IS enough but sometimes I wonder how long I will continue to take advantage of it. Have mercy.

My haughty eyes betray my arrogant heart often toward those who are closest to me. It is almost always pride that rises up and leads me toward slandering others. It is almost always my pride that is offended. Such arrogance! Shouldn’t I rather be glad that my pride is offended? Maybe that will help rid me of it. My arrogant heart is the source of so many of my stupid sins – maybe all of them.

Change my heart O God. Make it wholly Thine. That I might see with humble eyes and walk with a humble heart.

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