Deceiving Ourselves – Jeremiah 2:32-35

Can a young woman forget her jewelry
or a bride her wedding sash?
Yet My people have forgotten Me
for countless days.
How skillfully you pursue love;
you also teach evil women your ways.
Moreover, your skirts are stained
with the blood of the innocent poor.
You did not catch them breaking and entering.
But in spite of all these things
you claim, “I am innocent.
His anger is sure to turn away from me.”
But I will certainly judge you
because you have said, “I have not sinned.”

What is it that leads one who was a believer to a place where they refuse to acknowledge their obvious rebellion and sin? How does a person lie to themselves and God when the facts, wide open facts, are clear and available? What does one tell themselves about such lies that makes them believable? Is it the repetition that convinces? Does the denial upon denial upon denial so darken the mind that truth is lost? It is perplexing to me. It is the place of the dead among the living. The body lives on but the heart is so deeply deceived that it becomes disengaged from any sort of reality and is worse than useless. It leads this one farther and farther from Father God into a forsaken place. The implications are terrifying.

Lord, keep me tender in my heart to my own dark sins. May I never grow arrogant and deny my sinfulness. It is only by your grace and the blood of my Savior Jesus Christ that I am forgiven and free. Deliver me and protect me from my own selfish deception. Open my eyes that I may see. Purge me of sin for Your glory and keep me humble and submissive to you. I want to walk in obedience to You all the days of my life that I may dwell in Your house forever.

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