Our Own Way – Jeremiah 10:23

I know, O Lord, that a man’s way is not in himself,
Nor is it in a man who walks to direct his steps.

What a thought for our postmodern age and church. A man does not have within him the ability to make his own way. One cannot even successfully direct his or her own steps. What an offensive thought in this day and age. We are daily told that we simply need to find and trust ourselves. We are told we must believe in ourselves and follow our own intuition. Based on this verse, it sounds like trusting ourselves might be one of the worst decisions we could ever make. If there is nothing within a person to help him find his way or direct his steps then following his own intuition will only lead to problems and pain. Honestly, it sounds familiar. Those who trust themselves and follow their own voice will very naturally end up lost and alone – not only in this temporary state but also into eternity. Yikes!

Here God clearly shows us the purpose of His indwelling Holy Spirit. For those who have surrendered their very own selves to Lord Jesus there has been given the Spirit of Jesus, the Holy Spirit of God, to live within them. He guides into all truth and away from all intuitively directed fallacy. God within us leads us into all righteousness for He ever works to glorify Jesus Christ in our walk and consistently leads us in the way of His success not our own selfish failure. Walking our way alone naturally leads into all unrighteousness.

The mystery of ‘God within us’ is deep; yet, the practical truth is profound. No, a person cannot successfully make their own way regardless of how they deceive themselves. However, for those who are actively calling upon the Lord and seeking His face in prayer and Scripture, the truth of God’s direction through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit is nothing short of miraculous. He has not left us to our own way. He has become The Way, the Truth and the Life within us. Hallelujah!

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