Amend and Obey – Jeremiah 26:13

So now, correct your ways and deeds and obey the voice of the Lord your God so that He might relent concerning the disaster that He warned about.

Repentance, physically turning from evil and toward good, protects us from God’s wrath and ushers in His mercy. He doesn’t want to punish His children. He wants to show mercy. It is His nature. However, He seeks humble, repentant hearts. Father God seeks people who are willing to amend their way and their deeds. People who are willing to change.

The prideful unrepentant heart is obnoxious to God. How dare we flaunt our evil way in the face of the One who put us here in the first place and who seeks our benefit? Who do we think we are? He humbles the proud but gives grace to the humble. Penitence that produces obedience leads to life.

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