Losers – Luke 9:25 (CSB)

For what does it benefit someone if he gains the whole world, and yet loses or forfeits himself?

Don’t be deceived, the value of who we are, as God has created us to be, is worth far more than any created thing we enjoy on this earth. Our very being surpasses infinitely in value any collection of material things we can gather. The Creator of the Universe has granted us value by speaking us into existence. The information He spoke long ago has brought us to be. Our identity is written into the very cells of our body by the living Word of God. We are what He has said and the implications are overwhelming. What other thing could we pursue here that would be worth losing ourselves, our life, in the end? Nothing. There is no thing that is worth the loss of our lives. There is no pleasure, no possession, no earthly pursuit that is worth having if it costs us ‘who we are’ in Christ Jesus. The value of our lives, our souls, our very identity is far greater than anything on this planet. We must not be deceived.

We lose our selfish lives for the sake of Christ and He makes us who we truly were designed to be – children of the Most High God. Nothing on earth compares with such glory.

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