Deliverance and Delight – 2 Samuel 22:20

He brought me out to a spacious place;
He rescued me because He delighted in me.

This idea of Father God delighting in me is a real stretch for me. I don’t know why other than I simply must not fully see myself as He sees me. I definitely delight in my children often; however, I just can’t imagine God delighting in me, knowing myself from the inside out as I do. Zephaniah also talks about God rejoicing over us with loud singing. It is baffling and my reaction displays that I clearly do not fully understand the love and acceptance of Father God.

Whether or not I can feel it, accept it or even understand it, the fact of His delight must be true for Scripture reveals it more than once. The deep delight I have in my children and grandchildren also reflects only a pittance of what Father God must have for His creation. I simply contributed in a small way to their existence. He spoke us into existence by His Word. He is the Author of our existence.

It should not surprise me that He delights in me. He made me, saved me, recreated me and sanctifies me daily. Give me faith to accept the deep implications of this truth. You delight in me. You will never leave me nor forsake me Lord.

I will be faithful.

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