Please Leave – Mark 5:17

Then they began to beg Him to leave their region.

What an awful legacy this village left for themselves. They are known as the village that begged Jesus to leave. It is not even that they failed to welcome Him. They actually worked to persuade Him to go. Some simply cannot bear the presence of Christ and the all encompassing change that He brings. It is too much to process and bear. They simply want Him to go and leave them alone so that they can get back to living life as they see fit. He is simply too big for their small minds and hearts. They just don’t have room for Him where they live. He takes up too much space. He shakes up life and they cannot take it.

Am I guilty of this? With my life and actions am I begging Jesus to go? To be less involved? To leave me alone? He is big and His power is great. His presence is impactful and obvious. He won’t hang in the shadows and nurse my evil heart. He will either speak hell out of me as I receive it or go on His way to those who are receptive to His work.

Come Lord Jesus. Move more freely in my life. Have greater reign of my thoughts, words and actions. Powerfully remove the demons in my heart and own me. I will follow you always. To Whom else would I go? You have the words of life.

You are Life.

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