Favor From Fear – Exodus 1:21

Because the midwives feared God, He established households for them.

The fundamental building block for God’s favor is the fear of Him. Reverence for Father God ushers in His gracious favor resulting in His blessing. At the most basic level, living in sync with God is simply, ‘fear God and keep His commandments’. Fear is not only the beginning of all wisdom, it is also the beginning of God’s favor.

This is the Creator, God, who spoke the universe into existence. His Word is powerful. This is the God of whom the heavens declare His luminescent glory. A glory that shines like the sun and fills the sky as the stars. This is the Father who is perfect Love. A love that is at the heart of everything He created. This is the One who is Just and defines justice by His very nature. To walk in the fear of Him is to submit oneself to His greatness and to keep His Word. Nothing has more promise of success or blessing than this. He favors those who fear Him.

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