Strong Opinions – Job 32:20

“Let me speak that I may get relief;
Let me open my lips and answer.”

It seems the young man, Elihu, is more concerned with his own feelings than the feelings of his distressed friend Job. His opinion is burning within him. He is dying to share it. Sadly enough, I can relate. Years ago, as an arrogant young man myself, I regularly experienced this pressure to speak my wisdom, as if I really knew anything worth saying.

We must never let our own opinions burn in us so strongly that we vomit them out on the one who is suffering. Simply because we feel pressure to express our opinion does not necessarily prove that it should be expressed or that it is true, good or helpful. Our ‘relief’ must never take precedence over the pain of one who is suffering. Even a fool appears wise when he is silent (Proverbs). A young man, as I once was, often reveals his ignorance when he opens his mouth. Wisdom gives a measured response and considers the hearers first. It always produces more light than heat.

Rpst, 3.10.2020

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