Responding to Success in Others – John 3:26

So they came to John and told him, “Rabbi, the One you testified about, and who was with you across the Jordan, is baptizing — and everyone is flocking to Him.”

Our response to God’s good work in and through others is not always the best. Often our natural response is one of jealousy or suspicion. It really doesn’t matter who you are or what position you hold there is a natural reaction to another’s spiritual success and a supernatural reaction. The natural tends toward jealousy or suspicion. ‘Why should he be successful and blessed more than me? Who does he think he is?’ The supernatural toward joy. ‘Rejoice with those who rejoice.’

God’s call is always higher – to a level that is an order of magnitude above the natural. He calls us to a supernatural response by the power of the Holy Spirit within us. Our response to such work must always take into account the impact on the kingdom of God. If what they have accomplished advances the Kingdom of God then it is fundamentally good and thus motivates us to rejoice! Our joy is found in their success for we know that ultimately all is for the glory of God. This is the measure of true ‘spiritual success’.

Rpst, 3.21.2020

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