Communication is Irreversible – Proverbs 13:3

The one who guards his mouth protects his life;
the one who opens his lips invites his own ruin.

For someone who is gregarious, friendly and talkative, this is a difficult principle to learn. The truth of it, however, is profound. Communication is irreversible. What is said becomes history and cannot be erased. There are no ‘words to eat’ if you simply keep your mouth shut. One’s foot cannot be inserted into one’s mouth if one’s mouth is never opened. Silly but true.

Just as words spoken cannot be unspoken, words not spoken simply don’t exist and require no explanation or apology. Our thoughts take life through our words. An unspoken thought exists only in the mind and some thoughts are simply better left for dead in our heads than enlivened through our lips.

Lord, teach us to guard our thoughts and control our tongues so that we might protect our lives and guard ourselves from ruin.

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