Chicken Hearted – John 19:8

When Pilate heard this statement, he was more afraid than ever.

Pilate is really a chicken at heart like most all of Jesus detractors and many of His disciples. It is our earthbound fear that controls so many of the stupid decisions we make. Our fearful, finite, earthbound perspective rules our hearts and determines our actions. Pilate had no excuse. Nor do we. He stood before Jesus and chose to listen to His lying foes. How often do we do the same? The liars are so loud and so numerous. How can anyone stand against them? They appear to be in control so we simply capitulate to avoid any unnecessary attention. We don’t want to make an even greater scene. So, we choose to deny Him with our silence and our inaction. We wash our hands of the matter and move on. God have mercy.

“For if you acknowledge Me before men, I will acknowledge you before my Father in Heaven. However, if you don’t, I won’t.” (My paraphrase)

These words of truth should evoke true fear – a biblical fear of the God who has the ability to destroy both body and soul in Hell for eternity. True godly fear conquers all other fears. He will not force Himself upon us nor force us into His Presence forever. Even Heaven would be a sort of Hell for the one who denies God and wants no part of Him if that one was forced to be in God’s presence forever. God allows us the basic self dignity of choosing Him – or not.

Open our mouths Holy Spirit that we might always, even at the cost of our comfort, friends, stuff – even our very own lives – choose Lord Jesus.

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