Inside Out – Proverbs 21:2

All a man’s ways seem right to him,
but the Lord evaluates the motives. (HCSB)

Every decision we make is based on the motivation of our heart. Well, maybe there are some quick decisions that flow more out of panic than motive but for the most part our motives inform the decisions we make. It’s a bit frightening when you consider that we really do always choose what seems right to us. It’s frightening when you discover that many of those ‘ways’ that seemed so right for us simply ended up being so wrong. It seemed right at the moment but actually ended up being just another selfish attempt to bring happiness or pleasure to ourselves. The sobering truth comes when we understand that our choices truly reflect our heart.

God knows and judges our motives. It is what comes from within us to motivate that sheds the greatest light on why we do what we do. God knows our hearts. He understands us from the inside out; thus, it is totally ridiculous to attempt to hide our motives from Him or to justify our selfish ways before Him. He understands what prompts us to act and judges us accordingly. This invokes terror in the heart of the serious disciple. All I know to say is thanks be to God that our Judge has become our Savior. There is no other Hope for us. Examine your heart and submit it to Christ.

Christ in you – the Hope of Glory.

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