Glorious All – Psalms 29:9

And in His temple everything says, “Glory!”

To be in the presence of God is to be overwhelmed by His glory. Those who stood at the base of Mount Sinai were overwhelmed with fear because of His glory. Moses’ face shone with God’s glory after being in His presence. The heavens declare His glory. His glory is all around us, yet, many miss it. It is not this way in His temple. Everything in the temple of God says, “Glory!”

We are His temple. He inhabits His children as well as His church. To be in His church is to experience His glory. To be His child is to house within us His glory. “Christ in you the hope of glory.” It is a lot to consider but one thing is clear: when we find ourselves in the temple of God, we will find ourselves speaking of His glory. His great fame is from eternity. His luminescent brightness is unfathomable. There is no darkness in Him. He is the glorious One. He truly makes everything glorious.

One day He will return and take us to that place where there is no need for sun or moon for He is the Light there. His presence will illuminate all things. No darkness will penetrate this supernatural brightness. All sadness and grief will be erased. Everything that has seemed so important will fade into oblivion and only the truly important will continue. We will finally be with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in His unhindered presence. Awe will pervade our new dwelling and everything in His temple will cry “Glory!”


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