First Love – Revelation 2:4

But I have this against you: You have abandoned the love you had at first.

At this stage of mid life I can definitely relate with this sin. It insidiously creeps up on one as the cares, distresses, worries and pleasures of this life crowd into one’s thinking and doing. I remember the days of serving others just because I loved Father God and was so deeply grateful for the salvation He freely provided. I was always, it seems, being asked to pray for someone or sing for someone and I was glad to do it. Maybe I squandered too many of those opportunities because today they are few and far between. It seems the evil drudgery of the mindset of ‘the same old thing’ gradually desensitizes us and we just walk along trying to ‘do right’, seek our own good pleasure and avoid any pain and struggle. It’s deeply discouraging.

Father, help my unbelief. Revive my spirit and my life. Please have mercy upon me for I am like the Ephesians in this way. I deeply love You but I often wonder if I express it in my life at all. The heart has a tendency to grow cold. Forgive me.

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