Rejected – Jeremiah 6:30

They are called rejected silver,
for the Lord has rejected them.

These rejected ones truly are in Hell – the ‘place’ for those who have completely lost any sense of shame and who have committed themselves to rebellion against Father God. He will not force Himself upon them; yet, He will not be mocked and cannot bear their brazen, shameless immorality. There truly is ‘Hell to pay’ for it is the natural result of shamelessness and rebellious pride. These who once knew Him and rejoiced in His care have so turned their backs that He will no longer protect and provide for them. Those who pledged themselves to walk in His ways and were sprinkled with the Blood have turned up their noses and stopped ups their ears rejecting the One who truly loved them and saved them. It is tragic.

We must never take for granted the gracious goodness of our Lord. Even as our faith becomes routine and our bellies fatten and our minds thicken we cannot turn our backs on the truth of Who it Is Who has made us, redeemed us and will transform our bodies and escort us into eternity. We must intentionally with heart/mind turn our face to Him always. In a culture of pleasure it is so easy to disengage from important things and bask in urgent things. It is so easy to allow truth to settle into second or third place. The tyranny of the urgent and the persuasion of the pleasurable distracts us and desensitizes us leading us to a place of pride and spiritual dullness. We must remain vigilant for this ungodly mindset leads easily and insidiously to a place of death and destruction. The pain of God’s purpose, however you want to put it, supersedes any fleeting aspect of the pleasures of this place.

Holy Father, help us to humbly be the silver that you have refined us to be. You are our Hope, our Strength and our Life.

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