Righteous Anger – Jeremiah 25:38

He has left His den like a lion,
for their land has become a desolation
because of the sword of the oppressor,
because of His burning anger.

This is the aspect of Father God we love to ignore or criticize – His perfect justice which generates His burning anger toward rebellious sin. He knows the devastating effects of sin upon a person who acts out of a rebellious heart. He hates sin and rebellion. He knows its destructive power over all humanity and cannot, will not, tolerate it. We expect no less from Him; yet, grow indignant when He acts in such a manner. He must punish evil in order to be Who He is. We expect justice from God – except when it impacts us or those we know. We expect a just response to rebellion – unless it is our own. The God of the universe will not allow rebellion to negatively affect His creation forever. He will act with burning anger. The implications are chilling.

Rpst, 08.05.2020

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