Stay Awake! – Mark 13:37

“And what I say to you I say to all: Stay awake.”

Insomnia is something I’ve experienced only a handful of times in my life. In contrast, however, I live with the legacy of having dozed off at a NASCAR event. My youngest can attest that as the cars literally roared around the track I was slumped down asleep. Go figure. Sleeping in most any situation is a talent I possess. According to Jesus, it may not be something one should brag about.

The challenge that arises for most everyone who lives to a ripe old age on this earth is the challenge of staying awake. Let’s face it, the good stuff with which God has surrounded us while reflecting the glorious future awaiting His children in Heaven also has the tendency to lull us into lethargy and gently rock us to sleep. When our focus strays from Christ and His purposes it naturally lands on ourselves and the pleasures around us. These pleasures when over indulged can have the effect of a candy bar on blood sugar levels. When the pleasure subsides and the blood sugar level drops the eyes swiftly close and sleep ensues. Without disciplined determination to keep our eyes open and focused on the reality of Lord Jesus we naturally fall asleep.

More than once Jesus reminded those He loved simply to stay awake. It seems crazy to me that one would have to take such effort but, honestly, I am guilty. My waking thoughts center around my wants and my needs. My eyes are almost always on what suits me and what doesn’t. I could list a thousand examples. It’s sad. It is why spiritual disciplines are so difficult and so necessary. The flesh must be subdued lest sleep overtake us as we doze off into self-indulgence. Listen, sleeping in Jesus at death is a good thing. Sleeping on Jesus while awaiting His return isn’t.

His return is imminent. Stay awake!

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