Purely Justified – Job 25:4

How can a person be justified before God?
How can one born of woman be pure?

This is truly the fundamental question of all who seek a perfect God of justice and love – as if there could be any other type of omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent God. Think about it, to be the good Creator of the universe requires He have wrath for the sin of injustice and a deep love for His creation. In light of this fact, there is only one way for sinful people to be justified before God and that is by the sacrifice of God Himself, the only true perfection, in an act of perfect justice and love. He is punished for our sin because He deeply loves His creation. This is the picture of the suffering God, Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, who truly died for us out of His wrath against sin and His love for His creation. This is the only way a person can be justified before God and how one who is born of woman can be pure. Considering Who God is, as described by Scripture, and who we are, as learned through life, this is the eternally relevant question raised in one of the most ancient texts. No other faith system even attempts to address such a dilemma in a satisfying way. We are saved by grace (God’s volition) through faith (our submission).

God Himself has justified us.
God Himself has made us pure.


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