Son of God, Joseph’s Boy – Luke 3:23

As He began His ministry, Jesus was about 30 years old and was thought to be the
son of Joseph, son of Heli….

They thought He was the son of Joseph and had deep concerns whenever He began to disclose Who His actual Father was. Jesus clearly claimed that the God of the Universe was and is His Father. He expressed this claim via His authority to forgive sins and then reinforced it with His power to heal. He clearly stated, ‘I and the Father are One’, much to the dismay of the religious elite and to the confusion of many who listened. He made little attempt to explain Himself choosing to show by His words, His actions and His resurrection that He was not the son of Joseph, as Luke faithfully records, but that He Was and Is and Is To Come the Holy Son Of God. The second Person of the Trinity. The Image of the Invisible God. The Firstborn over all Creation. All of our hope rests on the truthfulness of His claim.

I believe. Jesus Christ is God.

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