God’s Fear Inducing Glory – Exodus 34:30

When Aaron and all the Israelites saw Moses, the skin of his face shone! They were afraid to come near him.

There is an element of the reflected glory of God that causes an inexplicable fear in people. This ‘glowing’ is an odd thing to those who don’t have any experience with it and possibly even to those who know of it but don’t understand even the first aspect of it. Or maybe, the reflected glory of God simply and naturally provokes fear in all people. It certainly terrified the apostle John whenever he encountered it in the book of Revelation. To reflect the glory of God, however that happens in our lives, is to ‘supernaturally’ provoke some level of fear in others. Although we can’t do anything about it and wouldn’t want to if we could, I believe it is wise to be conscious of this affect and to be humble and intentional about how we ‘reveal’ it. We must never try to hide it but must be wise with our knowledge of it.

I’m really just thinking out loud as a result of this strange phenomenon. I certainly don’t have any clear cut answers. I’m just amazed at the effect of the glory of God both upon the one who has the privilege of reflecting it and upon those who are seeing this reflection.

The glory of God is truly awesome.

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