Speaking Truth in the Light of God’s Glory – Exodus 34:33

When Moses had finished speaking with them, he put a veil over his face.

We must never feel obligated to make excuses for Gods glorious presence and His Holy Word. Never! This verse seems to indicate that Moses did the preaching without the veil. His glowing face was obvious and evident as he shared God’s truth. It must have been a very luminescent affair.

When we speak God’s glorious truth we must never make an attempt to hide His reflected glory: the glory upon us or in His word. Our shining face must be there for all to see. It may provoke the listeners to don sunglasses but that is their prerogative. God won’t force Himself on those who choose to ignore Him; however, He will not hide the glory that accompanies His presence and His Word. We must be careful never to be guilty of such. God is His own interpreter and He will make His glory known.

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