Hearing God’s Voice – 1 Kings 22:16

But the king said to him, “How many times must I make you swear not to tell me anything but the truth in the name of Yahweh?”

It seems obvious that the king does not really want the truth. (He makes it perfectly clear with his decision later.) He has a plan and he wants the prophets of God to bless it. So, it appears unexpected when Micaiah agrees with the prophets and the king scolds him. Ahab wants his plans confirmed; yet, he scolds the prophet whenever Micaiah does just that. Maybe it was Micaiah’s tone. Maybe it was his face. Maybe Ahab just knew better. I guess we cannot know for sure why Ahab presses Micaiah for the truth, but we can definitely know that Ahab hated Micaiah and doesn’t seem all that interested in God’s truth or His direction. The king wants confirmation not confrontation. Does he already know that his plans conflict with Yahweh’s? The prophetic majority has confirmed his plan. The prophet of the LORD has not. Ahab doesn’t seem to have any intention of submitting to God but for some reason wants to know what He desires. Go figure. What’s worse, not even asking or asking and then ignoring?

Protect us from such a mentality, please Lord. It is so easy to be sold on our own ideas whether they are of God or not and then seek confirmation from those who agree with us. It is easy to listen to the majority and follow their direction. To be faithful enough to listen to God’s specific will takes true faith and trust, especially when His will is contrary to ours and isn’t popular. It can be quite difficult to discern God’s specific will because we hear our own ideas and plans so clearly and Father God’s voice can seem so faint. We are stubborn minded earthbound creatures. Have mercy on us Lord.

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