True Prophets – 1 Kings 22:28

But Micaiah said, “If you ever return safely, the Lord has not spoken through me.” Then he said, “Listen, all you people!”

The test of a true prophet is the accuracy of his prophecies. Thus, Micaiah knows that the king will not return from the battle because Micaiah is a true prophet of Yahweh.

Often, especially in the case of prophecy, it is the voice of the minority that should be heeded. The desire to please the one who feeds you and the pressure of peers are often so great that truth is ignored and distorted. It is the same today with those of us who teach and preach. We must be so in tune with and dedicated to Father God that we would never even consider watering down His Word for the sake of others’ feelings, plans or practices. God speaks truth for our benefit and His glory always. His servants must stand so firmly in Him that they refuse to modify His truth for any reason. His word is truth. He is able to keep it and protect those who speak it.

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