Spiritual Legacy – 1 Kings 22:53

He served Baal and worshiped him. He provoked the Lord God of Israel just as his father had done.

What an awful family legacy – the family that ‘provokes God through blatant disobedience’. Why would anyone want to leave such a legacy? Our decisions and actions have generational implications. Those who provoke the Lord can safely assume their descendants will do the same. Father God’s wrath follows them for generations in an attempt to turn the family from destruction. For those who trust the Lord and heed His Word, His blessing flows to thousands of generations that follow.

I am the direct beneficiary of my daddy’s faithfulness and resolve to be God’s man. God’s blessing flowed to me, at least in one stream, through my daddy’s faithfulness. My dad feared God’s name as did his dad and many other previous generations of our family, including my mother’s. Certainly my faith must be my own; however, the legacy of faith left by my parents is profoundly good just as a legacy of disobedience and evil would have been profoundly bad. Their faith in the past helps my faith in the present.

The choices we make today regarding our faith in Father God have eternal implications for those who will come after us. We certainly cannot make our children and grandchildren believe. We can, however, leave a legacy of faith that, at the very least, provides an example to them and their children putting them in a position to be blessed by God and to avoid His wrath.

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