With Friends Like This… – 1 Kings 22:29

Then the king of Israel and Judah’s King Jehoshaphat went up to Ramoth-gilead. But the king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat, “I will disguise myself and go into battle, but you wear your royal attire.” So the king of Israel disguised himself and went into battle.

With friends like Ahab, Jehoshaphat truly does not need enemies. I can only assume that Jehoshaphat in his sincerity and pure-heartedness is simply not discerning Ahab’s evil ways. Ahab has already openly ignored the specific direction of Yahweh and now he sets up his kingly friend Jehoshaphat to be killed. Ahab surely knows that the enemy will be seeking to kill any king who is leading Israel’s army. So, in his evil, deceptive way, he has Jehoshaphat wear his kingly robes and Ahab disguises himself as a simple soldier. What an absolute evil idiot!

He is ignoring God’s specific direction. He is intentionally putting his “friend’s” life in jeopardy and finally, he is disguising himself in an attempt to avoid what he knows will be the outcome of this battle. Micaiah has told both kings what will be the result of this battle. No amount of disguising will protect them from the disaster that Father God has planned as a result of their blatant disobedience and the lying mouths of the so-called prophets.

Not every so-called friendship is a good friendship. We must continue to be discerning even when walking with those who claim to be followers of Christ. A believer’s faithfulness to Father God is heard in his words and seen in his actions as he responds to God’s clearly stated will. We know our brothers and sisters by their fruit. A believer’s faithfulness to his friends is seen in the desire to seek a friend’s welfare first – never placing one’s welfare above another’s and certainly never protecting one’s own welfare by endangering a friend.

Ahab is neither a friend of God nor Jehoshaphat. He is a selfish liar and cheat who seeks his own welfare even at the expense of God’s will and his friend’s life.

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