Music Moves – 2 Kings 3:15

“Now, bring me a musician.”
While the musician played, the Lord’s hand came on Elisha.

Music brings with it a sort of mysterious power. Think about it, this musician ushered in the Lord’s hand. As he played this melody, whatever it was, the Lord’s hand came upon His prophet and subsequently His Word and direction came to the people. I don’t want to read too much into this but I believe it is safe to conclude that music is a powerful medium created by God. It can move the prophet’s heart and the Lord’s hand.

For all who are musicians, it is sobering to think that even Father God Himself is moved by our melodies. It is mind boggling. Music itself seems to flow from the very heart of God. It is no wonder that it so often changes the mood of a worship assembly. If it can move Father God Himself and His prophet, we should not be surprised that it can move us.

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