The Amazing Promise – John 11:26

And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?”

The profundity of this claim cannot be gainsaid. It is almost unfathomable. We are of a race of creatures who die. It’s all we know. From the time a baby is born all who know him understand in reality that he will die. Everything here dies. It’s a curse we accept and with which we live. We’ve even created fanciful approaches to this fact stating that even death is a part of the ‘circle of life’. No one really believes it but somehow it salves our conscience to regard the unnatural fact of death as just another part of ‘life’. It’s quite stupid actually. We all die and accept it as fact; yet, most know deep inside and admit that death seems wrong. We dread it in others and don’t think about our own. We would rather not talk about it please. It is only a dinner conversation piece among the morbid, strange and so-called ‘highly enlightened’. We know death. We deal with death. Yet, no one really likes to think about it and no one wants to experience it.

Jesus looks at this awful dilemma of a curse and addresses it head on. Those who believe in Him will live even in spite of physical death. There is something better after physical death for the believer in Christ. It is truly mind boggling and causes many to snicker and reject such an absurd notion. To believe in One who offers life forever via a cross is foolish. Ask almost anyone. Even His closest followers considered themselves ‘fools for Christ’. The cross itself appears quite foolish to the so-called educated mind. Eternal life via death? Ridiculous! Yet, Lord Jesus never blinks. He never wavers. He brought up the subject so it cannot be explained away as some pipe dream of Martha. He doesn’t mince words. He doesn’t go into detail. He simply offers eternal life and then validates the truth of the offer by His own death, burial and resurrection. The historical evidence for this is abundant.

Don’t be deceived: there is no promise that is more amazing. Get life – forever. Believe.

Rpst, 3.29.2020

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